Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Fling

So on March 5th I headed out to St, George, UT for a Spring Fling event. I stayed in Mesquite, NV on the 5th and then went on in to St George, UT for the event.   This was my second event that I went to..  The  first one was many, many moons ago.   It was done by Jill Olsen  and her many helpers!  Although I can't remember everyone... Jill's assistant  Beth is so  great!!! I had such a great time! I was by myself and I had 3 lovely ladies sit with me!! I'm sorry I don't remember their names... I'm so bad with names, but faces I remember!  I even won a prize! The top card is what I made while waiting for my room! My prize is a cute little card holder and inside were cards by Jill Olsen! :)

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